Crunchy Pencil SoftWorks

I've been building software for the web and devices for 15 years. I have a background in both software and graphic design so I consider myself an expert at interactivity and user experience. I specialize in building intuitive, secure and flexible data-driven web applications for enterprise-level clients that load fast and scale efficiently for multiple platforms.

I am proficient in Java, C#, VB, PHP, JavaScript, Android OS, Mobile Web, HTML5 development with experience in J2EE and .Net Enterprise web development and WordPress and DNN CMS platforms.

Fate Browser

Fate Browser for Android

Fascinated by the Rider-Waite Tarot deck and frustrated by the shitty tarot apps already out there that are little more than personal information sponges and full of adware, I created this Android OS tarot card game. It uses the Java Android OS API and it collects absolutely no user information.
»Fate Browser on Google Play

AFRL IT Resource website

RIOS IT Resource Website

A 2013 redesign of a complex IT FAQ and self-help informational intranet website for the Air Force Research Lab's Rome Research Site and the maintenance and redevelopment of AFRL's internal web applications in J2EE, PHP, JavaScript and PL/SQL for WebLogic with an Oracle database, used to track network assets and employee data.

Ledgerock Fabricators image

Ledgerock Fabricators

Website for an architectural metal fabricating business in the Boston area. Extensive image gallery for interiors and exteriors of homes and commercial clients. Custom PHP design; site works for mobile in a responsive CSS schema.

Peterson Overhead Doors image

Peterson Overhead

This redesign for the Peterson Overhead Doors site is a good example of a simple visual overhaul, a new look for a small business website that frequently utilizes the web for sales. Peterson's residential and commercial galleries allow users to freely browse through examples of their work taken on a photo shoot. Custom PHP design; site works for mobile in a responsive CSS schema.


PrattMWP website

A redesign for the Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute's Pratt Campus website stressing campus admissions and adding new online features accessible to students. Custom PHP design with database-enabled student registration and contact forms.

sega website image

Sega of America

My involvement in 5 years of the marketing wing of this video game publisher ranged from designer to programmer, working on a design team for the development of various sites ranging from marketing for games to online authentication networks for the Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube and Sega Dreamcast game consoles as well as online multiplayer computer games. Custom PHP design with database-enabled applications.

Fate Browser

Fate Browser for Web

A JavaScript jQuery web application prototype built to work out the logistics of the Fate Browser Android app.
»Fate Browser web prototype

The Input Garden

The Input Garden

JavaScript and HTML5 prototypes for various personal projects, in various stages of development.
»Input Garden web prototype